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Judge defends U. S. citizen's rights to declare their belief in God!


Poem read by Roy Moore


Today we face another war,

If I'm not upon some distant shore,

You're against a foe that you can't see,

But one as ruthless as can be,


He'll take your life and your children too,

He'll even say that there is nothing you can do,

He'll make you think that wrong is right,

Tis but a sign to stand and fight,


And though we face the wrath of Hell,

Against those gates we shall prevail,

In homes and schools across our land,

It's time for Christians to take a stand,


And when our work on this earth is done,

When the battle is over and the victory is won,

When through all the earth, His praise will ring,

And all the heavenly angels sing,


It will be enough, Just to see the Son!

And hear Him say, My child, Well done,

You've kept my faith, So strong and true,

I knew that I could count on you.



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Statement of Chief Justice Moore

July 22, 2003

As Judge Thompson said, "The issue is, can the state acknowledge GOD?"

However, both he and the 11th Circuit have said that we cannot.

We have consistently maintained that federal courts have no authority to forbid the acknowledgement of GOD under the first Amendment to the United States Constitution or to prohibit the recognition of GOD in the Constitution of Alabama.

To prohibit the acknowledgement of GOD upon whom our justice system is established is to undermine our entire judicial system.


June 4, 2003

On June 4, 2003, the Eleventh Circuit Court of appeals heard Oral Arguments in this historic case, and on July 1, 2003 they upheld the District Court Order stating that matters like "In God We Trust" or God Save The United States and This Honorable Court" are immune from Establishment Clause challenges" because they have lost through rote repetition any significant religious content", quoting former Justice William Brennan.

The federal courts have now made it clear that we can acknowledge God only when it doesn't mean any thing - and when it does, it becomes unconstitutional.

This gives new meaning to "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain".


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