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Salvation is a marriage of our souls and lives with God.  We are His bride and He is our husband.  Just as marriage must start with courtship and a proposal, Salvation also involves a courtship and a proposal.  Christ seeks us out of the world to be His own, makes us a proposal to share our lives and care for each other, so that we may live with Him forever, as His Wife.  We have the choice of whether to accept and become His Bride, or to refuse to dwell with Him.  When we accept His proposal, then there is a wedding and our marriage starts.

Marriage starts with the acceptance of a proposal to share our lives and a public ceremony to proclaim the union.  Salvation starts with accepting Christ's proposal and a public baptismal ceremony, to show our willingness to spend our lives together.

Does the wedding complete the marriage?  Of course not.  It requires living, loving, sharing and growing together.  Salvation is not completed until we have demonstrated by our lives that we are willing to live, love, share and grow together.  We must let Him remain in our hearts and then live our lives in a way that shows we are willing and that we seek to serve Him.  He lives within our hearts and we let Him protect and provide for us.

Does the fact that we have decided to be married make the marriage successful?  No.  It requires a commitment and being faithful until the end of our lives here on this earth.

Does the fact that we have decided to accept Christ's Salvation make the Salvation successful?  No.  It requires a personal commitment to serve Him and to be faithful until the end of our lives here on this earth.  It's true that no man can take our Salvation from us, but even in marriage, either partner may end the marriage, if they choose.  We have God's solemn promise that He will not break the marriage vows, but we as humans will always have our freedom of choice, as long as we are alive on this earth.  Even God divorced Israel and ended His marriage with Israel, because of her wickedness, but when she repented of her sins, God took her back as His wife.

How many husbands or wives would allow their companions to violate their marriage vows over and over again and still remain married?  Yet God will continue to forgive us as long as we sincerely come before Him and repent of our sins.  When we come to a place in our lives where we refuse to repent and we continue in sin willfully, then we as individuals are choosing to separate ourselves from God and Him commitment to our Salvation.

When one partner in a marriage chooses to separate from the marriage and refuses to be faithful to the marriage vows, the marriage is broken and before it can continue, there has to be healing to alow it to become alive again.  Salvation is broken, by us when we refuse to obey God and when we do not STRIVE to live our lives in service and dedication to Him.  Yes, we all sin and fail from time to time, just as in marriage each partner will occasionally do or say something that hurts the other.  These hurts will not end the marriage unless they are repeated often and there is no effort to apologize, asking the forgiveness of the other partner, which will bring back the love and respect of the other partner.  Our relationship with God doesn't end with the sins either, unless we refuse to repent and WILLFULLY continue in sin.

So, as marriage requires a courtship, a proposal, a wedding and commitment for the remainder of our lives, Salvation requires the same things.  God seeks us out, proposes a joining of our lives, a public ceremony where contracts and pledges are made, and living lives dedicated to serving each other, until death.  This is the area where Salvation differs from marriage, because marriage is for this life only and Salvation determines how our relationship with God will be lived in the world to come.

So, let us each strive to be faithful companions to our Lord and King, that we might be able to live with Him forever in His kingdom.  We need to remain faithful to Him in all things, so that our name will not be blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life!  My prayer is that we will each be faithful and that someday we can share together our love of God, as we live with Him, forever and ever!

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