Ewald Karcher

Ewald Karcher

1924 - 1994

Ewald Karcher Memorial

Song "Daddy's Hands" played by Juanita (Karcher) Vick

I think today of what I'm sure, That Ewald would have said,

If he could be with us today, And hear his service read,

His heart would break, and he would weep, To see our grief and fears,

He'd say don't weep and cry for me, God's wiped away my tears,

I've reached life's goal of many years, I've gone to be with God,

I hope that someday each of you, Will walk the path I've trod.

To feel the joy of seeing Christ, Our garments cleansed and white,

Washed clean by His dear precious blood, He made it all so right,

I want you all to mourn with joy, Because I've shed my load,

I've found the peace we all seek for, And God's my new abode.

There is a place for each of you, I'll share with you someday,

If only you will seek to walk, With Jesus every day.

My family is so dear to me, I love them everyone,

I wish that I could ease your grief, The victory I have won,

I only pray that each of you, May find this path someday,

And find the joy and peace God gives, When we walk in His way,

For God is love and peace and truth, Keep your hearts right with God,

And be walking down those steps, That our dear Savior trod.

If you desire to honor me, And remember all my love,

You only need to serve my God, And someday come above,

For Jesus is the only hope, The world has left today,

So my children, Keep His laws, And give your love each day,

To show your children, family, friends, God gives us hope today,

So please seek Him and serve Him well, He'll take your cares away.

My life's example He may use, His way to lead you to,

Hold fast my love and memories dear, My life I lived for you,

I only wish I had done more, To show my love was true,

You are the reason that I lived, This life was all for you,

My prayer is that my love may guide, You on that narrow path,

Until the day we once more walk, Together down life's path.

Weep no more for me my love, Life must proceed along,

Just help our children find God's way, And bring them safely on,

I want so much to see their faces, Round our Savior's throne,

I miss you all so very much, For now we walk alone,

But Jesus He will comfort us, As we trudge on alone.

I'm sad for each of you today, You hurt and I'm not there,

My God will help you each find peace, Give Him your every care,

You must each one help, To fill the void, Within our family dear,

That each grandchild may always know, Our God is always near,

Since I'm not there to see you grow, And help you on life's way,

You'll have to help each other, To fill each coming day,

With service to our God and King, There's joy no other way,

So walk my path and seek my God, We'll meet again someday.

I'll truly miss my loving wife, I long to hold you near,

I am so very proud of you, So wipe away your tears,

I love my sons, Young men of whom, I'm very very proud,

May each one learn from my mistakes, And meet me in the clouds,

My daughter always she will be, My sweet and precious child,

I'll miss your hugs and kisses dear, Your daddy's sweet dear child,

I long to see your children grow, And see them try and try,

Until each one has reached their goal, Their happiness, Their sighs,

God bless each one, as you walk down, That strait and narrow trail,

I wait with joy as each one comes, To live within God's vail.

Roger Vick. 5/30/94

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