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Comments 6/28/15

We are living in a time when we will soon see the mighty power of God's hand as He brings us into the tribulation period and the end of this age. I believe there will soon be many prominent signs pointing to the return of Christ. However awful we may think this world is today; the Bible pronounces a WOE to those that seek the Day of the Lord and warns us not to yearn for the return of Christ because it brings death and destruction like this world has never known.

Here are some of the things prophecies in God word about the end times:

Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Two witnesses will preach in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ years.

Miracles and healings as witness to the preaching of the true gospel in the latter days. The gathering of Israel back to the land promised by God to Abraham for the 12 tribes of Israel. One the most important signs and acts of God will be the gathering of all 12 tribes of Israel back to the homeland promised to Abraham. The gathering of Judah back to Israel started in 1948 but that is not the fulfillment of prophecy. The gathering of Israel in the last days will be so significant that we will forget the miraculous way that God delivered the Children of Israel from Egypt.

The ministry of John the Baptist when John prepares a people to meet Christ when he returns and John restores all things. I believe it is one of the most important events in our worlds' history. As we look at what the Bible says about John and his ministry I think you will have to agree that there is much more of John's ministry required to fulfill the prophecies about his ministry as recorded in the Bible. I believe that John's ministry in our day will be as well known to the public as John's ministry was in the days of Christ.

Some of what is prophesied was fulfilled by John preaching and baptizing in the wilderness, but not all of the prophesies were fulfilled in John's first ministry and many of those prophecies talk of the end times when Christ will return. John is to come and restore all things.

I believe that John will come and restore the church, the authority of the ministry and that he will even bring the Everlasting Gospel back to earth.

God help us to be aware and in-tune so that we may hear and understand God's word, when He speak to us in these last days!!!

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