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Haven't written anything on here in a long long time. Just doesn't seem to be much point.

We're now into another election year and the deception and lies continue to increase. May God forgive a nation of such foolish and ignorant people!

Hos 4:6 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge KJV

This country is about to re-elect Obama!  There can be no possible worse person to lead this country but why should we be surprised after electing Bill Clinton for two terms!  Obama promised 4 years ago to cut the national debt in half and instead he has more than doubled it and he would have tripled it if the Republican congress hadn't fought him on some programs.  

Romney is just another spineless "Liberal" Republican without the guts to stand up for anything!  We don't have any conservative Republicans any more.  That's just another lie the media is pushing and they have convinced the American people that Liberals are conservatives.  Spending time voting in America today is just another waste of time.  We don't get to decide who runs for office and we are just expected to vote for the people they place in front of us.  Our elections are just like the elections used to be in Russia during the cold war.  They always had two candidates but it didn't really matter which one you voted for because they were both going to do the same thing.

Our people don't want our country going the way it is today but because of all the misinformation and deception out there today in the media, our people aren't smart enough to unite and vote the bastards out of office.  We now have a program in Texas that provides free college educations for anyone who is an illegal immigrant but our own American people can't afford to go to college!  How stupid can we get?  If we continue to offer criminals all these free services in this country and depriving our citizens of the same opportunities, the criminals will just keep coming.

I have reached a point in life where I don't care if I wake up tomorrow or not!  There is nothing left for me!  There isn't one organization in America today that is worthy of supporting.  No charity, no church, no political party and no government.  We are coming very close to a condition where "honest" Christians can no longer be a part of the American system and can't support the American government.  When that happens and it will come at different times for each of us, we will have to choose to stop paying taxes and stop accepting Social Security and other government program payments.  True Christians will come to a time when they can no longer pay taxes to a government that uses the tax money to pay for abortions, fight wars that we shouldn't be in and for supporting school systems that are destroying our children and teaching them lie upon lie upon lie.

God will soon call His people out of the world and gather the true Israel back to our homeland.  The question will be whether we will be smart enough to recognize His voice when He calls us and will we obey His call.  The nation of Israel today only represents two of the twelve tribes of Israel, Judah and Benjamin.  The other 10 tribes will also be gathered back to our homeland and God says that the miracle of the gathering in the last days will be so marvelous that people will forget the way God saved the Israelites out Egypt, so many years ago.  It will have to be a great and wonderful miracle because we will no longer be able to live in our society without the Mark of the Beast!  If he doesn't take care of His people they will die!  Remember , the land of Israel as identified by God goes from the Euphrates river in Iraq to the Nile river in Egypt!  A far greater territory than is occupied by the so called nation of Israel today.  When God gives all that land back to the true nation of Israel, the Arab world will be joined by many other word nations and the Battle of Armageddon will begin.

The nation of Israel today has stolen the name of Israel!  The Jews who have returned to their homeland today represent only the tribe of Judah and Benjamin.  If you will study your Bible, you will find that the first time the word Jew is used in the Bible, the Jews were at war with Israel.  The Israelite nations had long been divided into the Northern kingdom called Israel and the Souther kingdom called Judah.  There two separate nations were captured at different times and each was taken away captive to a different place in our world.  The Jewish people retained their identity and maintained their ethnic group regardless of where their people were in the world.  They were always punished and looked down on in every nation to which they went.  When they were finally driven out of Germany in WWII, the UN created a country for them and they started gathering back to their homeland.  They called the homeland Israel but in truth it should have been called Judah.  The other ten tribes of the nation of Israel are what is referred to as the Ten Lost Tribes and society has lost track of them.  God hasn't forgotten them however and He has promised to gather them from all parts of the world where He scattered them and take them home to their promised homeland.  It's really not very hard to trace the ten lost tribes, if you'll just follow the signs.  First they are a white race, a race that practices circumcision, a race that keep a sacred day of worship to their God (even if it is the wrong day) and they have left their names throughout history in every country where they travelled.  God promised to Ephraim and Manasseh that they would be a great nation and a company of nations.  The USA is the greatest nation that ever existed in our worlds history and Great Britain is the greatest company of nations that has ever existed. God also promised that theses people would possess the gates of their enemies. The US and Great Britain have controlled every water gateway in the world and have colonies all over the world that control the shipping lanes and passage around all the continents.  How God has kept these people separate from the world with all the inter marriage, I don't know but God knows.

We live in the time of the end of the world as we know it today.  Christ will soon return to claim His kingdom but don't make the mistake of yearning for that day because God says "Woe unto those who seek the day of the Lord" for it will be a day of darkness and death and destruction.  Christ is returning, First to Destroy the wicked and Then to gather His people and we can only hope to be in a spiritual condition where we will be able to respond to His call.

God have mercy on America because she is going to fall.  No nation can continue to exist on this earth who rejects God and murders their babies!!!  The great and terrible day of the Lord is coming and don't forget the terrible part of it.  We will many of us have to give our lives as martyrs but the rest of us will live through the terrible part of that time.

God help us!!!

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