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Can our world get any more confused!

I watch our world slip faster and faster into the depths of sin, immorality, deceptions and lies.  We live in a world where TV & News are filled with misinformation and lies.  How are people to know what the truth is in our world today?  This misinformation is a major part of Satan's plan to deceive the nations.  Tell a story in many different ways with false information and some of the public will believe it no matter how ridiculous the facts may be.  Make enough translations of the Bible and you will divide our Christian society and have them facing off against each other.  Fight against any reference to God and many people can't even say the Pledge of Allegiance!  Teach evolution in our schools as fact and our whole society accepts these ridiculous theories and ideas and then they remove any reference to God from our world.  Man can't put a satellite in orbit around the earth without adjusting it orbit continually.  Anything that man puts in orbit will eventually fall to the earth.  How could an explosion, the big bang, have thrown huge celestial bodies like the planets and even the moon into space and left them to establish their own gravity and safe orbits where they would not collide with each other?  How did the "Big Bang" create heavenly bodies that are all smooth and round?  The absolute stupidity of the theory of evolution is mind boggling.  Yet our society has been bombarded year after year in our education system to the point where the lie is accepted as the truth!

Our courts establish a pattern of wrong choices!

Our court systems are establishing a pattern of wrong decisions, of criminals being released and innocent people being put in jail.  Our courts continue to fail to bring justice.  Moussaoui was sentenced to life in prison and taxpayers will support him for the rest of his life.  He has openly admitted that he was part of the plot in the 911 terrorist attach and still hoped that they would continue to attach the US and that they would have success in those attacks.  He even said that he wished he could have been on the airplane which had been planned to explode into the White House and maybe he could have helped the attack to be successful.  Compassion and understanding are for those who show remorse and sorrow for their actions and also demonstrate a desire to change, but Moussaoui doesn't fit in that category.  He should have been executed and it should have happened several years ago.  It shouldn't have taken the jury more than 10 minutes to arrive at a correct decision of guilty and the death sentence.

Sadam should have been brought to trial and executed long ago but again liberal influence around the world doesn't want him to pay for his crimes.  We even have a large group of liberals in this country who would like to turn Sadam loose on the people of Iraq and immediately withdraw from Iraq.  It's true we didn't belong in Iraq but we are fighting against and evil dictator and it would be a waste of all the lives of our soldiers who have fought for freedom to withdraw and surrender now!  The US constitution requires a speedy trial but that never happens in this country anymore, unless your innocent.  How much longer are we going to hold the prisoners in the Guantanimo prison without a trial or due process of law?  If they are guilty, try them in a court of law and punish them or else release them.

Illegal immigrants in US!

We now have a reported 11,000,000 (Million) illegal aliens inside the US and we can't seem to figure out how to fix the problem.  Every few years we come up with an amnesty program and forgive their illegal actions and hope that the problem will go away.  It won't!!!!!!  There are some pretty simple solutions to the problem but as long as our citizens allow the government to try to solving the problem, the problem will only get worse.  History has already proven that!  Building fences and putting troops on the border will not solve the problem.  Can we just return all the illegal aliens?  No!  How can we control our borders when there are hundreds of places where thousands of people walk and drive back and forth daily.  I have crossed the border many times and even worked on the Mexican side for a time but I was never questioned or required to produce paperwork to prove that I was a citizen except for the border patrol asking me if I was a US citizen.  Anyone serious about crossing the border, even a terrorist can get across if they really want to without having to swim the river!

Here are a few simple steps that would control the problem and keep it from continually returning:

First immediately stop all immigrations from Mexico until the illegal problem is addressed on both sides of the border!

Cut off the free medical care for all illegal aliens!  Stop providing welfare benefits and other social programs.

Don't allow any illegal aliens to attend school in either elementary, high schools or college!

Don't give drivers licenses to illegal aliens!

Don't allow illegal aliens to receive Social Security, welfare, Medicaid or assistance of any kind!  Stop giving benefits to illegal aliens that even US citizens can't get.

Make it a felony with prison time for any aliens who have been once deported to return to the US!

Require that all government business be conducted in ENGLISH!

Provide an easy process for obtaining US citizenship with a requirement to learn English!

Make a guest worker program that controls all guest workers and guarantees their return to Mexico when their work program is done!  There aren't really any jobs that couldn't be filled with US citizens who are legal workers.  Remember they said back in 1860 during the Civil War that the plantations in the South couldn't survive without slave labor!  Time has proved that statement to be untrue and time will prove that the US economy and US farms can exist without illegal workers.

Make it a felony to hire illegal aliens without proper paperwork or approval!

Fix the problem with cost of medicine so that millions of US citizens don't have to go to Mexico to get prescriptions and dental work.  Why should US citizens have to pay 10 times the price of drugs for drugs that are manufactured in the US, transported to Mexico and sold for about 0.10 cents on the dollar?  If the millions of US citizens weren't continually crossing the border to purchase cheap prescriptions and get cheap medical services, the border patrol wouldn't have such a high volume of traffic in people crossing the border each day!

Gas prices in the US!

US citizens whine and cry about having to pay such high prices for gas but they are not willing to take any actions that will reduce the amount of gas that is consumed in America.  If the gas goes up a $1.00 a gallon, most people will only spend about an additional $10.00 to fill a tank once a week!  Do they quit driving?  Do they cut down on driving?  Gas prices in Europe have been $5.00 a gallon for years.  In Europe you find a lot more people riding bikes and riding busses, trains or subways.  Most US families have 3 or 4 cars in each household!

What is the solution to the problem?  Shall we have the federal government regulate gas prices?  Why should we expect the government to be able to regulate anything?  They have never managed anything in the history of our nation and they are notorious for allowing corruption and politics to dictate policy and for driving the prices up and not down.  What would happen if Americans refused to buy any gas for a week or quit going to the grocery store or restaurants and fast food places every day?  Do you suppose that we could do a little planning and accomplish several tasks in one trip and cut down on the number of miles we drive each day?

Ethanol is available in some areas now.  The last place I bought gas with Ethanol in it, I was able to buy the high octane with an Ethanol mix for about 0.05 cents a gallon less than the price of regular.  I don't believe Americans really care about the cost.  I see people every day buying gas at one station when the station right across the street is 0.05 cents a gallon cheaper!

Who controls our gas prices?  Why is it that hundreds of stations in a particular town all raise their prices at exactly the same time?  If a station purchased gas at one price, their selling price shouldn't go up or down until that gas is used up and they have to order more gas purchased at a different price.

What happened to supply and demand?  Our gas prices are controlled by speculators in the futures and stock markets who control prices that we will be paying months from now and the real price of gas for us everyday, has nothing to do with supply and demand.

We have millions and millions of barrels of oil in Alaska and other various locations around the US but liberal media, environmentalists and just plain idiots interfere and refuse to allow our oil companies to drill for the oil.  They interfere and make it impossible to produce oil in the US so that we have to purchase oil from our enemies!  They make the price of producing oil in the US so high that it is cheaper to buy oil from the Arabs.  The same applies to the processing plants where they turn crude oil into gas and diesel.  They put so many environmental restriction on our US companies that they can't afford to build more refineries.

Then we have the US oil companies who insist on making millions of dollars of profit on every business they invest in.  In a time when America faces a serious problem with the oil supply, they raise their prices and have record breaking profits.  Something is wrong with the morals and ethics of companies which gouge and steal from our own citizens.

The terrorist Islamic countries in the middle east and countries in South America could cut of our oil supply and break our economy in a matter of weeks!  Shouldn't that scare us?

American politicians are always trying to tell other countries of the world how they should live and operate their governments but we know they can't manage our own government.  We need to take back control of our government and elect people who know what is going on and find people who haven't sold their souls to gain their political positions!

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