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Comments 6/14/05

Our court system fails again!

It's getting to be a habit with our court system to free the guilty and punish the innocent.  The courts have said that Michael Jackson is innocent and that it's okay for him to sleep with young children, give them liquor and show them pornographic magazines.  Michael Jackson is a prime example of the low life scum that is so prevalent in our entertainment industry.

First they convict Scott Peterson of murder with absolutely no evidence.  They can't place him at the murder scene or show him transporting the body or demonstrate that the body was in his boat.  All they have is a press that is irate because he was cheating on his wife and he was fishing on the lake where his wife's body was found.  How many other people were on the lake that same day?  Did they question them?  Additionally they convict him of murdering an unborn baby which isn't even considered to be a human being by current political standards.  They could have went to an abortion clinic and had the baby murdered by a doctor and that would have been legally accepted.

Now they have multitudes of evidence and reports of Michael Jackson sleeping with children over for a long period of time, but they couldn't prove that he actually had sex with them except for the testimony of the children involved.  That anyone would pay money to hear him sing or buy his music is an affront to every Christian moral fiber of my body.

Our courts

What have we allowed our courts systems to become?  Here is a list of some of the things that we accept today that were never intended in our constitution.

1 Where in the constitution does it say that all 12 jurors have to agree on the verdict?  Our jury system is supposed to allow 12 citizens to vote and decide cases based on what they believe the evidence to say. If 7 out of the twelve think your guilty, then you are guilty and if seven out of the twelve think your innocent, then your innocent.

2 Where does the idea of a "Grand Jury" come from.  Our constitution guarantees that anyone charged with a crime has a right to have legal representation.  In our Grand Jury we prevent people who are being questioned about a crime from having their lawyers present.  How can this be?

3 Where did the idea of "Reasonable Doubt" come from?  When two people testify and report different circumstances, the jury is supposed to determine who they think is telling the truth and who is lying.  They are supposed to base their verdict on their own judgements of the facts.  When we impose reasonable doubt and the fact that all 12 jurors have to agree, we slant the courts so heavily toward the criminal that it is almost impossible to get a conviction.

4 The constitution says that a person can't be tried for the same crime twice but our court system has found a way around that too.  If your tried by the state and found innocent, then the federal government can step in if it feels that the verdict was wrong and charge that person with the violation of a federal crime for the same offence.  In the first place the constitution does not allow for very many federal crimes except maybe treason.  The Federal government does not have the right to impose federal laws on issues that aren't federal government issues.  We even now have a US Postal Service that is owned and operated by private industry and we still have a multitude of crimes affecting this mail that are considered federal offences.

Almost every court case in the last 20 years has been won or lost with the wrong person being convicted or not convicted.  It's getting to be a joke!  We need to get the Federal Government out of the court systems.

Comments 3/21/05

Government interferes in Schiavo Case!

I listened tonight as Congress decided to intervene in the Schiavo case.  For the first and only time in the history of our nation, the Democrats are on the right side of a political issue!  I am appalled that our Congress and President would spend millions of dollars to recall Congress and force doctors to re-insert the feeding tube and force another court to review case.  It was Schiavo's request that no extraordinary life support be used to keep her alive if there was no hope of recovery.

The Schiavo case has already been reviewed by 10 different courts and before 19 different judges over a time period of 15 years and they all agreed that the patient had requested no extraordinary life support be used. What will Congress and the President do if the next court review doesn't come out the way that they want it.  Will they pass another special law?  Then I'm sure it will go to the Supreme Court again and what will they do if the Supreme Court agrees with the decision of the lower courts.

This issue all goes back to abortion and right to life questions and it looks like the Republicans are trying to use this case to prepare for other challenges to our laws.

I don't like the difficult decision made sometimes to allow our loved ones to die.  It's a lot easier to make that decision before breathing machines and feeding tubes are installed.  After they are installed it becomes much closer to a feeling of murder to remove equipment that is being used to keep the patient alive.

When we get to the point where the Federal Government is going to tell the individual states what is acceptable or not acceptable for the states citizens, we have violated every word and intent of the United States Constitution.

President Bush is failing as a President!

George Bush has been making many many stupid and arrogant decision after being elected for another 4 years.  It seems as if he doesn't care what is right or wrong, he is just concerned in promoting his own personal beliefs.

First, he didn't have to go into Iraq.  He could have simply removed himself from all the objections of World Opinion by simply not invading Iraq and saying that he would wait and give the UN 6 months to solve the problem.  However he didn't do that and it seems like he wants to impose his beliefs and politics on the whole world.

Second, after being elected again, he set out to revise the Social Security program.  Instead of bringing in people from both parties, who all agree that there is a problem with Social Security and trying to arrive at a mutual improvement to the program, he just seemed to thumb his nose at the Democratic party and demand that the Republican program be implemented!  His actions build the division that already divides our country and will probably result in no changes being made at all.  A good leader will solicit ideas and opinions from those he has to work with and lead all those concerned to a mutual agreement.  Again he is trying to impose his beliefs and politics on our people without their consent.

Thirdly, he seems to be leading the charge to try and force Syria to pull it's troops out of Lebanon.  Doesn't it sound pretty stupid for the US to be telling other countries that they shouldn't have troops in a foreign country?  After all we still have troops in Germany, South Korea, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, to list only a few and we claim to be trying to help these countries to be able to enforce law and establish peace!  The US can support the call for the removal of Syrian troops, but we shouldn't be the leader of those demanding pullout of Syrian troops!

Fourth, he is now leading the government to interfere in a private and personal states rights issue.  He had lots of options as President to request courts and judges to review and or reconsider the decision in this case without getting Congress to pass a special law.  The Republican party is supposed to be strong in supporting states rights and suddenly the Republicans are on the other side of the issue.  It seems to be the problem with the spineless and gutless Republicans that they don't really care about right or wrong, they are just trying to get their political philosophies instituted in our government.  They are taking a page right out of the liberals handbook.  They don't care about right or wrong, they just want to win one little battle after another so that finally they can impose their beliefs on America.

Fifth, our government is again promoting specialized trade policies with our South American neighbors.  NAFTA was instituted several years ago and since then millions of jobs and businesses have moved across the border.  This new program is the second step in trying to pull our economy down to be equal to the economy of the rest of the world.  The new program is much worse than NAFTA but our citizens don't seem to understand what our government is doing to us.

Sixth, a conservative (??) Republican controlled government has implemented HIPPA, a program that in many cases prevents access to hospital patients by friends or church pastors.  Patients are dehumanized by being called as numbers instead of using their names.  A church pastor visiting a hospital is not allowed to know what church members might be in the hospital.  I know of a case where a hospital employee knew that her husbands best friend was in the hospital in critical condition and the new regulations prevented her from telling her husband about his dear friends condition and she couldn't even tell him that his friend was in the hospital.  Any patient that comes to a hospital in critical condition, can't sign a consent form allowing the hospital to release information about him to the public.  It's time we do away with all the government regulations and start using a little common sense.  Our federal government shouldn't be involved in establishing regulations about how local hospitals handle patient information.

All of these political issues have come into play in the last three months since the election except for Iraq which has been going on now for two years.  When are the American people going to wake up and take a stand for freedom?  How can we continue to hold prisoners in Cuba without a trial?  It's been four years now and still nothing is happening.  There is no more oppressive government anywhere in the world today than the US government and there has never been a nation so brainwashed and deceived by the flood of misinformation as American citizens!

After this weekend, I'm strongly considering changing my party allegiance to the Independent party.  I'm ashamed to be called a Republican today!

Comments 3/08/05

Evil rules our world!

We daily hear of one court case after another where we know as honest people that the jury is brainwashed and forced to make wrong decisions.  We live in a nation where probably about 85% of the people in this country have no respect for the highest court in our land.  Why is that?  We elect our officials, don't we?  We are responsible for the people we elect to run our government.

Are we ready to take up guns and fight for our freedom?  No, I don't think so.  The people of the United States have been brainwashed and conditioned to expect the government to solve all our problems and we are supposed to trust our leaders and believe that they are acting in our best interests.

Again in the news we have reports of some individuals having acted on their own and killed some family members of one of our judges.  Should we be surprised?  We can expect more and more of these types of actions, but it will not stem the tide of corruption within our government.  Isn't it time that patriots stand up and fight against the evil that threatens to destroy our great nation.  Those who work for our evil government should expect death and destruction and they deserve nothing less.

Our world is being controlled by the ANTICHRIST!  Who are the Antichrist?

1 John 2:22 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. KJV

It's not to hard to find the organizations that are striving to remove God from our society.  ACLU, Democrats, Liberals, College administrations and professors, Communism, Socialism, Catholicism, Buddhists, Muslims and all other atheists in general.

We have won the war in Iraq and they have had elections.  Now it is time to get our troops out of there and bring them home and let the Iraqi people rebuild their own nation.  I could only wish that the Iraqi people would now come to the US and land troops in Washington DC and remove our government leaders and let us start over with a new government.  Doesn't it seem strange for the US government to call for the removal of Syrian troops from Lebanon while we have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq?

It is disgusting and revolting to listen to the puke of liberalism spouted by our liberal news media.  I listened to a speaker on TV the other day that explained that EVERY MAJOR UNIVERSITY in the US is nothing but a hotbed and training camp for liberal philosophy.  Look at the universities in the US.  Where is even one that is conservative?  The speaker reported the comment of one of the Democrats in California where he said, "Lets open a branch of the university in Orange county and we'll change Orange county from Republican to Democrat."

Is there one major college community anywhere in the US that isn't liberal and supporting the Democrats?  NO!!!!!  Why do we allow even in states controlled by Republicans, the universities, funded and financed by public funds to belch forth their lies and philosophies?

They are teaching our children their evil lies and deceptions?

They are poisoning our future!

Comments 2/05/05


When will people realize the God is in control of our world!  No earthquake or other natural disaster ever occurs without God's approval.  Sometimes mankind has caused conditions that may lead to the disaster but God could stop any action that He choose to stop.  In effect if God doesn't stop it God is allowing it to happen and is sanctioning the action.

God could have warned the people to get off the beach, but in most cases, He didn't.

Now the world is going to fix the problem with Tsunami warning systems in all our oceans.  Don't people realize that the people measuring earth quakes knew this one had hit.  One phone call to CNN or Fox could have broadcast the warning around the world in minutes.  Instead many people died who didn't have to.

Government programs have never been an answer to our world problems and they never protect the people.

Comments 1/25/05

New Year - 2005

Well, here we are in a new year.  Our world is falling apart and rotting from the inside out.  We had an election where both candidates were useless lying phonies.  We're fighting a war that we shouldn't have ever started.  Now we have the majority of US citizens openly opposed to the war and causing more of our troops to be killed because of their lack of support.  How sad!

May God forgive us for allowing this great nation of freedom to become such a center of evil.  We've now murdered 40,000,000 babies in the 30 plus year since Rowe versus Wade was enacted into law by a liberal supreme court that has no regard for the constitution or for the opinion of the majority of US citizens.  Our present administration will now have the opportunity to appoint several new justices and the liberals and democrats won't allow them to put judges on the bench unless they agree with liberal policies and promise not to overthrow Rowe versus Wade.  Why would the democrats think that they have the right to impose requirements on appointments?  Why don't the republicans have the backbone to stand up and demand that they be allowed to appoint judges who support their conservative beliefs?

The US needs to pull it's troops out of all the places around the world where we have stuck our noses into the business of other people.  We can't pull out of Iraq now until they have established a government of the people and a semblance of peace but we must stop trying to impose US policy on other people around the world.  We still have troops in many countries where we were involved in WW II.  Let's get our troops out of Korea, Japan, Germany, Philippines, and also out of Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and the other hundreds of places where we station US troops.

Let's stop trying to tell other countries how they should live.  Why did a conservative US government impose a requirement on Iraq that 25% of their elected officials must be women.  What happened to getting the best people in office regardless of whether they are men or women?

Why did a conservative US government impose HIPPA in all hospital and medical facilities?  Now a pastor of a church cannot even find out of there are church members in the hospital.  Now when you go into a doctors office, they don't call you by name, they refer to you as a number!  How insulting!


We now have a sports driven society where sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and morals are no longer a part of our sports community.  A baseball player doesn't know when a pitch is a strike because the umpires don't enforce the rules.  Football is a series of guesstamations by officials who don't know the rules and aren't allowed to call the game by the rules.  Now we have a major sports magazine who spends most of their space in print and advertizing promoting a pornographic swimsuit magazine and calendars!

I am getting of watching my favorite sport of tennis and having the cameras trained on all the half clothed girls, looking down the front of blouses as they lean forward and get ready to play.  I recently watched two young girls from Russia playing in the Australian Open and the camera was focused looking down the front of one of the players' dresses because she wore a top that was cut low while the other player did not expose her figure to the public and had it covered properly.  If they weren't looking down her front then they were watching her bounce up and down and showing her breasts giggling up and down.  Even when they showed pictures of people in the stands, they were selecting women who had dressed to expose a lot of flesh.  Sports is becoming a display of half clothed bodies.  A couple of years ago, after winning the soccer match, the winning team had a girl remove her blouse and run around the field with only a bra and the sports press and media in general made her into a national celebrity.

Is life worth it today?

We live in a society where 80 to 90% of the people have no respect for our government.  People despise the supreme court, congress, judges, courts, police departments, schools, churches even our president and yet it is the people themselves who continue to elect politicians who continue the policies of tearing apart our freedoms and liberties.  Who's responsible?  We are!

I am in despair because there seems to be nothing that caring people can do to get us back on the road to truth, honesty and integrity.  I live in a world where there aren't any organizations that a true Christian can support!

No, there is not one organization anywhere!

No, there is not one job anywhere!

None are worthy of our support!

 There are no jobs in our society which are worth doing!  There is no profession that is worthy of spending time and working at.  I have no purpose in live today.  I have no goals, no dreams, no plans for the future, no way to help my loved one get out of the mess that we live in.  My life is over and I'm ready to leave this vile world.  I know God has a plan but I either need to be fighting against the evils of this world or else I want to leave it and go on to whatever life we have earned beyond this present world.

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