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Comments 9/25/03

The year is almost gone!

We approach the end of another year!   How fast it has gone by!

How many thing have changed for the better, this year?   None!!!!

We've fought a war in Iraq and even though our troops occupy the country, we have soldiers dying almost every day.   Will it ever end?   Even when it seems that we have won the war, we loose.   We still have troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Afghanistan and it goes on and on and on!   Why couldn't we just take out Sadam and then announce that in 30 days we are pulling out our troops and it's up the the people of the country of Iraq to form and run their own government.   Get our troops home and put the world on notice that if Sadam rears his head again, we will come back and take him out.

Why does America seem to think that it is the world's police force?  Why do we have troops in so many other countries when we have so many problems here at home and so many in need?

Removal of Ten Commandments!

We've just gone through another example of Liberal politics removing God from every part of our nation!   They removed the Ten Commandments monument display from a court building in Alabama because "Government was afraid that it's presence would offend a couple of non-believing people!

Yet in every government building in Washington DC, our history points to the extreme importance of God in the founding and running of this nation.   Both houses of Congress open with prayer every day and the halls of congress are covered with statements of our founding fathers and pointedly demonstrate their desire to lift up God's name and lean on His guidance in the building and operation of this great nation.

Our constitution DOES NOT say anything about SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE!   What it does say is that government cannot promote or impose any religion on the people of this nation.

What we have now is a government imposing a religion of non-belief in God!   The purpose of the "Politically Correct Minority" in our nation today is to strip, one by one every reference to God from our daily life.   They don't care if they win the war all in one battle but they keep eating away at our morals and ethics like a cancer!   We've lost the war and they will continue to win because the people of our country don't have the backbone to stand up and be counted.   We don't seem to care what they do to others as long as they leave us alone.   When they succeed in stripping God from our nation, then God will, in His time, reach out and punish this nation with death and destruction.   In the mean time, we are allowing our government to put the people of America in bondage.   We are being brain washed with misinformation and half truths and our people are buying these lies.   Seems like the only way that Christians will awake and stand up and be counted is when we find ourselves in danger of loosing our lives.   Sad but true!   We only turn to God when we are in need!

TV and Movies!

Television is our media of communications and it is being used to brain wash Americans!   The trash that is presented every day on TV is filling our minds with useless information and the lies of the enemy!

There will soon come a day when Christians are going to have to stand up and refuse to let the TV or even computers into their homes!   That time will be soon for some of us and later on for others.   It's astonishing to me that a movie made in the 40's like "It's a wonderful life" had restrictions such that they couldn't use the word "Dang" because it was considered to be a type of curse word.   This was one of the first movies made that showed an evil person who was not eventually punished.   Then we decided that we needed to have the government regulate movie and TV content and have a rating system to inform us of the dangers in the information presented.   Now we have nudity and sex openly displayed in almost every movie and TV program and even sports shows are using titles like "Best Damn Sports Show" and we think nothing of it.  I don't think I am going to permit TV in my home much longer.   It is the voice of the enemy and even in some of the good shows they still promote their new life styles and push for more government controls.   Look at the old movies that most of us love to watch.  Almost every show from Gunsmoke to Perry Mason deals with single people only!   They were already presenting a life style of single people without family relationships.  Here are a few shows for you to think about.  Most have families but no married couples!


Big Valley


Have Gun, Will Travel


Lone Ranger

Cisco Kid

The Tree Musketeers

Robin Hood

Batman & Robin

Star Wars Series (Most had no family relationships)

Star Trek

Perry Mason

And the list goes on and on!   Stop and think about it.   Yes, there were some family shows like Father Knows Best and Ozzie & Harriet or The Beaver but those kind of shows no longer exist and even the title "Father Knows Best" would be offensive to our politically correct society of today.   No, I'm not ready to pull the plug on TV and computers yet but we need to remember and understand the poison that is being spewed out and is filling our minds 24 hours a day, every day!   I'm not so sure about the TV anymore but there are still good things that we can do with the computer.

Comments 1/10/03

A New Year!

We start another new year!   Where are we headed?

We're about to start a war in Iraq for political reasons only.  Iraq is not a treat to our country or the world.  There are many other nations far more dangerous and evil than Iraq!  China, North Korea, Russia, Palestine, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan and many other Moslem countries where to even mention the name of Jesus could mean your death.

We've had prisoners held in Guantanimo Bay for about a year and a half and none of them have been given a trial.  What do we do when a year from now they have a trial and are found innocent?  Do we just say we are sorry?  The prisoners should all be given a speedy trial and those found guilty should be punished.  Those who are found to support and promote Al Quada should be sentenced to death and it should be carried out rapidly.

Life is no longer interesting or even desirable under the conditions which we Americans live in today.  Is there any profession or job anywhere that really and truly has a meaning and purpose?  Most jobs are unnecessary and unneeded and just exist because of some government ruling or regulation.  Very few jobs in America today are productive and contribute toward improving our society.

I quit my engineering job about 6 years ago and considered what kind of new job I would like to learn and get involved with.  I could go back to school and learn a new profession but there isn't any job in this whole country where a man can work hard, accomplish something and contribute to the community that we live in.  There is none!  

Every job or profession is phoney and useless.  We don't build home, cars or clothing to last and we are so full of misinformation that you can't even have a serious conversation with your neighbors today.  What is right or wrong?  As a society, we don't know and millions of good honest people don't really know what their purpose in life is or have plans for the future.

Maybe that is part of our trouble.  We don't have a future in this country.  It's just now and getting what we can from right now!

Our churches and the religious leaders and organizations of America are nothing but a bunch of phoney idiots.  They refuse to take a stand on the issues of today and most aren't even sure if the Bible is true.  Even those who do believe in the Bible are so polluted with New Age theology that I sometimes wonder if they have ever read the Bible.  It sure doesn't sound like it.

Now we have all these other groups who claim to be religious and who know nothing about love, honesty or integrity!  Moslems world wide, all support the complete destruction of all other religions.  Try going to a Moslem country anywhere in the world and speaking about your Christian faith.  In most of those countries you will end up in prison, if your not killed.

We have millions of Black Muslims in this country whose only purpose is to wield political power to bring wealth and prosperity to the Black society.  Men like Jessie Jackson and Cassius Clay (Ali) who claim to be ministers, have no morals or integrity and don't teach anything that is for the betterment of society.  Martin Luther King supported the destruction of our government and supported communist theology in almost every action or political position that was taken.  He claimed to be a minister and was involved in numerous extramarital relationships.

Almost every president of this nation has been involved in immoral relationships and yet each one claimed to be a Christian!  Something is wrong when our leaders fail to live up to accepted moral standards.

Where are our heroes!

Are there people in our society that we can look up to!  NO!Have we lost all character and morals in our society?  Politicians lie to us, bend the law to satisfy their own personal desires. What is even more strange is that we expect them to lie to us and would be shocked if they didn't.  Sports figures don't think they have to live their lives as examples to others, Doctors don't care if they help people to obtain good health, Lawyers aren't interested in the welfare of their clients or about what is right, Bankers are so busy trying to make sure that the government doesn't catch them in some indiscretion that they don't even try to serve their customers anymore.

Where is there a profession that serves the people?  Do Police agencies care about the welfare of the people they rule over?  NO!Do Firemen spend their time building their community?  They have become like the police force in that they spend more time telling people why they can't burn their trash or whether their buildings meet some antiquated city or county code than they do putting out fires.  Firemen used to be volunteers from the community, but no longer.

Our schools used to be taught by people who wanted to help our young people learn and get a good start in life.  In the early days many school teachers donated their time to help the children.  Now there are so many restrictions placed upon teachers that the tools to teach are removed from their hands.  Handling children without being about to punish misconduct is stupid.  We're graduating kids for our small community school, here in Perry who can't read, write or do simple mathematics.  In my day if a student failed to be able to complete the required work, they were kept after school and when they got home their parents handed out additional punishment or conditions that would prevent future failures.  Now students who are slow or who have poor study habits are removed for the class so that they won't hold the class back and then their school hours are shortened because they school doesn't have the teachers to handle the children's individual needs.  Not everyone will be an engineer or doctor and the school system should be oriented toward making children ready to assume their rolls in society.  Some will be engineers and some doctors, but some will be carpenters and labors too.  Society need people to perform the menial tasks too!  There is honor and integrity in those who build things and in those who grow things.  We need to make room for the builders in our society without telling them that if they don't earn a $100,000 per year that they are of no value to our society.

We measure everything by how much money we make or the kind or amount of possessions we own.  God have pity on a society that is so stupid that it refuses to teach it's children to participate and improve the world that they live in.

Will 2003 be the world's last year!

Will this be the last year of the world?  Will there be a 2004?  We've now killed over 40,000,000 babies in the United States in the last 30 years.  Is there anything worth fighting for in a society that kills it babies and pushes it's old people off into retirement homes where they will be out of the way and not be a problem for the communities that they live in.  Seems to me that we should be trying to use the knowledge that they have accumulated throughout their long lives.

There is no hope in our world today!

I live a life of loneliness and frustration.  What does tomorrow have to offer?  Why do I want tomorrow to come?  Live holds not promise for the future except defeat, abuse and humiliation!

I enjoy helping people and teaching them about computers or solving their problems as a locksmith.  It's fun to help people.  The trouble is that in our society the only ones who cry for help are those who don't want to work to improve themselves.  The people who really need help are to proud to ask for help.

There is nothing in this life that can fill the void in my soul.  I long for the day when this life is over and when we can go on into a future that holds some hope for the future.  I dread the terrible tribulations that are about to be poured out upon this people because of their sins, but at the same time that evil day will also bring the return of our Lord and the beginning of a world built on love, kindness and Honesty.

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