Editorial 10-21-01!

Strange things are happening in America and the world today.


President Bush is visiting China.  He is acting as if China is our friend.  It was only a few months ago that China was holding prisoner an aeroplane and about 20 members of her American crew.  They held them for weeks!   They would not even let us come in and repair the plane and fly it home.

Now they allow military jets to escort President Bush over Chinese airspace!

China has never been our friend and never will be!

The Chinese refused to allow one of the members of the Taiwan delegation to attend the open conference.  China and Taiwan have been at odds for years because Taiwan is free and China wants to take them back under their control.  America has defended Taiwan and President Bush recently stated publicly that the US would do whatever it takes to protect Taiwan from Chinese aggression.  Did President Bush express even one statement about his displeasure when China refused to allow a member of the Taiwan delegation to attend the conference?  NO!!!  Are the political objectives of the US more important than our friends and our commitments to freedom?  NO!!!  Yes, we want the help and co-operation of the Chinese in our fight against terrorism, but not at the price of sacrificing our friends and our morals.  China still oppresses it people and won't allow American's to teach religion or speak openly in their country.  China won't even allow their own people to peacefully speak in protest to their government.  Doesn't anyone remember Tienemen Square, Beijing and the many people that were killed there by Chinese tanks and military personnel?

Has anyone thought about how much foreign aide and other special gifts that we will now have to give to Taiwan, to smooth their feathers and assure them that we are really on their side?


Have you noticed the differences between Christianity and Islam?  Look at some of the important Islamic beliefs!

Christianity! Islam!
It's taught by churches but not lived by it's people.  Many Christians and even many ministers of today are divorced and live in immorality! No pre-marital relationships.  (NO sex before marriage!)
Many support, condone and actually encourage homo-sexuality! Oppose any form of homo-sexuality!
Most drink occasionally! No Alcohol!
Most gamble occasionally!  Trip to Vegas is fun and the lottery tickets once in a while. No gambling!
Woman's place is out in the world making a living so that they can live in luxury!  Makes no difference that their children are being raised by strangers in day care centers! Women stay home and raise their families!

Don't these things sound like something that we in America and Christiandom should be supporting?  Yet our government and in particular Bill & Hillary Clinton, have used the power and influence of the US government, and promises of US foreign aide to entice the many Arab countries to use abortion as a means of birth control and have even insisted that they establish abortion clinics or allow US doctors (Especially those in the military) to provide abortion services for them!

How stupid can we get!!!

First we support Osama bin Laden in his fight against Russia and now we support his enemies, who are no better than he is, in their fight against him.  Seems like we can't decide which side we are on!  What is even more scary is that we allow our government to throw away it's morals and standards in favor of winning public opinion polls and making political statements.

Look at how we are fighting the new war!!!

We begin by bombing Afghanistan, but we are very careful to only bomb buildings where there are no civilians.  Did the terrorists take the civilian population into consideration when they bombed the World Trade Center?  NO!!!  Afghanistan's population is estimated at between 21 and 26 million people.  Are the Afghanistan people responsible for their leader's actions?  YES!!!  Were all Germans responsible for Hitler's actions?  YES!!!  Were the Japanese people responsible for the Japanese government actions?  YES!!!  Are we as Americans responsible for the actions of the American Government?  YES!!!  Are the Russian people responsible for the actions of the Russian government?  YES!!!  Are the Israeli people responsible for the actions of the Israeli government?  YES!!!  People from any country are responsible for the actions of their leaders and if they are evil, the people have the first and primary responsibility to overthrow an evil government and if they fail to do so then they must suffer the consequences of their choices and actions.

Here is how we fight compared to how they fight!!!

America! Terrorists!
Concern for civilians! No concern for civilians!
Don't bomb on Islam Holy Day No respect for Christian Holy Day
Bomb on our Holy Day (Sunday)! No terrorist activities on their Holy day!
No chemical or biological weapons! They will use anything to win the war!
Will not use atomic weapons! Will use atomic weapons or anything else that is available!

If you fight a limited war, history has proven over and over again that you will loose!!!

We've outlawed shotguns in war.  Why?  Because they have to much killing power in hand to hand fighting.  Yet we use flame throwers, grenades, atomic weapons, and even launch missiles from thousands of miles away.  What kind of stupidity is that?  We sacrifice the lives of our men for these stupid "Politically Correct" theologies and don't even question the truth or reality of them.

We lost 50,000 men in Viet Nam because a government and liberal press didn't want to win the war.

Beware America!!

We walk down a path that leads to destruction!

Editorial 11-13-01!

Well, our government is up to it again.


First our government is reluctant to actually bomb the Taliban front lines.  Then we request that the Northern Alliance not move into Kabul.  Then when the Taliban begin retreating from Kabul, running like rabbits, the American military sits by quietly while the troop caravans move out of the city.  We could have wiped out a major portion of the Taliban army and possibly captured enough of their soldiers to actually find one that knew the location of Osama bin Laden!  What a unique idea!

Didn't we learn anything in IRAQ, during Desert Storm, when our troops and tanks drove to within 50 miles of Bagdad and then our government called a halt and refused to take Bagdad and Saddam Hussein!

Politicians should never have input into military actions,

Once the objective has been established!

In typical fashion the US will support turning the Afghan nation over to UN control and the government that they set up will be socialist from start to finish and one of their first acts will be to try and disarm the people of Afghanistan!

Then our wonderfully stupid US government will begin funneling millions of dollars of our tax money and millions of tons of free food, into Afghanistan in an effort to improve the Afghans way of life.

There is only one catch and that is whenever the US government gives anything to anybody, they will also require something in return!  Our government will require Afghan political support and require the Afghan government and people to implement and teach the many socialist and liberal political philosophies and views of our one world government.

Government never has done anything for it's people,

Except take their money and take away the peoples rights.

Our government is now taking away our individual rights in large chunks!

How stupid can we get!!!


Have you noticed that the many charities collecting money for the World Trade Center (WTC) victims are now coming under fire for their use of those funds collected.

One agency has donated $170,000.00 to a legal agency which is providing legal assistance to several of the terrorists being held for questioning in the WTC bombing.  Isn't that wonderful!!!!!

The Red Cross is now dumping thousands of pints of blood collected, because it does not have the facilities or manpower to freeze the blood and preserve it for use at a later date.  Remember how the Red Cross sent out numerous requests for blood donations, even after it became obvious that there was not going to be any need for a large blood supply for the survivors of the WTC bombing.

Many charities did not deliver 100% of the contributions to those who were in need, even though that is what they pledged to do before the collections were made.  Many charity organizations are still paying huge salaries to the executive officers of their organizations.

Guess we'll just never learn!  We need to evaluate the situation before we make contributions and then make sure that the people we give the contributions too, are really going to give the money to the people in need!

Giving things to people usually doesn't help them in the long run.

Why should the government be giving money to the families of the people who lost their lives in the plain crash in New York on Nov 12 Th?

How stupid can we get!!!

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