I Support the Boycott of
all Disney products and services!

Walt Disney built an organization based on providing public entertainment for the family and especially for children.  Since the death of Walt Disney, the Disney company has blatantly become not only involved in accepting, but has been a leader in promoting SEX, VIOLENCE, HOMOSEXUALITY, PORNOGRAPHY and has championed the cause and openly promotes MANY of the IMMORAL LIFE STYLES that now pollute our society.

I wholeheartedly support the Southern Baptist Convention and all other groups that are publicly supporting the boycott against Disney, their products and against any company that supports Disney by sales of their products.

It has also now been reported that Disney is a major contributor to the Planned Parenthood Organization.  "Planned Parenthood" is the Federally Funded organization promoting abortion, not only in this country, but it's agenda is to establish a "WORLD WIDE" policy of "abortion on demand".  Our Federal Government is forcing countries and peoples who detest abortion, to accept the US (Currently Politically Correct) abortion policies, if they want US government foreign aid and we currently provide foreign aid to almost every country in the whole world.

I just thank God for the strong position of the Catholic Church, in opposing abortion, all these years.  If it was not for the stand of the Catholic Church, we would have lost the abortion battle long, long ago.

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MY Boycott,includes the following companies and products,
because of their support or sales of Disney and Disney products.

Disney World
Disney Land
Disney Videos
Disney Movies
Disney Books

I believe that as Christians, we need to take a stand against those organizations and businesses that are aiding and abetting the moral decay of our country.

If you would like to read further about the kinds of programs that Disney is now supporting, click on the link below and go to http://www.declaration.net.

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